About Us

About Us

Welcome to VTrippers Video Travel,


I. Intro


VTrippers is a video web site, it is a strong community of over 2 million users, (travellers,backpackers, adventurers,Vloggers and all the tourists from around the world.)

VTrippers is visited by many companies of the tourism industry that are watching videos shared on VTrippers. 

Imagining a world where you can find many genuine videos related to your dream destinations 

instead of false photos reworked through Photoshop.


VTrippers is also interactiveThe comments and suggestions of the members are carefully heard 

and improvements made thanks to themEveryone is part of the project.

II. Metrics


  • We have over 2 Million users 


  • We count over 5 Million visitors since we started (September, 1 2015)


  • Traffic (We are averaging between 15 000 to 39 000 Unique visitors daily and about 35 000  page views daily based on Google Analytics)





III. Our Vision 


Key Words

  • Dreaming

  • Informing 

  • Preventing 

  • Inspiring

  • Sharing

  • Guiding

  • Exploring  

  • Following


Key Sentences

  • Inspire & share with other world travellers
  • Your experience does matter 
  • Preserve your souvenir forever 
  • Surf on the wave to join other trippers


IV. Ambitions


  • Become the Key Online Influencer regarding all the travelling aspects.


  • Be the reference in traveling web site, the one that cannot be missed when anyone wants to move somewhere.


  • For companies and clients become the strongest site where to get visibility and to seduce customers.


  • Become the media to discuss any novelty that happens around the world: hotel, restaurant, spas, transport, experiences, equipment, events…


  • My ambition is for our team to test all these novelties and to rate them in our site as we would have enough power to tell the truth and to be honest for all travellers.

V. Purposes 


To prepare a trip, find some inspiration to go far away, or nearby, to discover other cultures, other civilizations, explore new horizons... For information on accommodations, transports, a monument in an exotic city, or to find a good restaurant, a market not to miss... just register and sign in to check what the others did before.

Your experience does also matter. Share your own experience either with your private circle or with the world; backup your videos and photos: VTrippers takes care of everything. Join us for a ride on VTrippers’ wave. All journeys are welcome: Business trip, Holidays trip, Sport trip, Festival trip, Wellness trip, Fooding, discoveries...

Party trip, Cultural trip or Family trip they all start by planning, checking the Internet or via a travel agency. Before planning or after planning your trip, you can have a glance at any of our most viewed video categories to set up your mind.



Once you understand how it works, feel free to explore new continents, countries or cities where you can see other civilizations, people sleeping in different kind of accommodations, eating various sort of local foods in and outside restaurants, discovering lots of sightseeing places, hanging out in bar and clubs, and if you are a shopaholic, you can also look for the right boutiques. You are always one click away to find the most convenient video that suits your needs.


If you'd like to be a member on “vtrippers.com” all you have to do is to sign up, create your profile and join millions of travelers around the glob. Members of V.Trippers have: Their profile to share and storage their videos, but also photos of their trips. Members will be able to create their own community and helping other organising, planning and and sharing information related to their trip, or simply just showing to the world how fun and interesting their trip was.


Discover how easy it is for you to keep in touch with your community, circle and meet new people from around the world. Keep your friends and relatives up to date of your locations & activities during your trip. Feel free to help us improving our website such as contents, functionalities of our different categories and thematics to organise your videos & photos, through our feedback. If you are a professional or amateur photographer or Broadcaster & Amateur video editor, you are all welcome to share your videos & photos. All companies of the tourist industry can display their video promotions or introduction, as well. 


Thank You