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  1. By Elizabeth-tran

    2 years ago

    http://jins.life/ elizabethtran626.
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    min.jinn@claradsong WANT AND NEED
    wendypuffWin some Jins @chefulf!
    wynnayyOooh yaaasss @simpledudette we are so blind. 😭🤓👀@jinseyewear @elizabethtran626
    wynnayyAyyyyyy! You're blind too! @builtbyjimmy but I love ya regardless~ @elizabethtran626 @jinseyewear
    kellybchen@winstonma4 but me some new glasses 😂
    kellybchen@alexhehehe i wanna be just like you
    kellybchen@ssychong blue light lens from @jinseyewear ftw
    kellybchen@dhsu210 might be jealous when we all get some cool glasses smile
    kellybchen@sallybchen you think the round ones would look okay if they see thru like real glasses?
    kellybchen@mle_yay another brand to feed our glasses love/obsession
    kellybchen@kev.lee_ for your next pair? I like jins metal frames but they have plastic ones too
    kellybchen@_raybaebae might be a good option for your next pair too. Like jins styles and quality more than wps
    kellybchen@jaffreplaurent u might need an upgrade soon 😜
    kellybchen@pthummi even people with low Rx needs to look stylish with their frames
    kellybchen@ma_mamia09 you still wear your glasses these days?
    kellybchen@soopig CUTEEEE GLASSES HMM?
    kellybchen@qinnanlin jins for you next pair, hmm?
    kellybchen@a_armstro jins to add to your collection?
    kellybchen@thejulieprk neeed new accessories!!
    ">elizabethtran626@JINSeyewear is a Japanese eyewear brand, with over 1,200 unique styles, glasses sta...