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Honeymoon in Paradise - BORA BORA Le Meridien

Agata Bianchi
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Published on Jul 27, 2015

Stephen Honeymoon June 2014. Best place to go when you're in love! An adult underwater playground. Most beautiful place in the world, truly heaven on Earth! Luckiest girl in the world to go there with my husband for our honeymoon at Le Meridien Bora Bora.

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  • Hage

    Go. Travel. The. World.

  • Lyn Dhanraj

    good looking ;

  • Curtis

    AWESOME video!!!!! I can't wait to travel around the world! there's so many things to do OMG

  • Evelyn 7515

    Great video! 

  • Akins

    I love the video its so amazing

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