VTrippers | Spring Break 2015! DIY Cover-Ups, 4 Bikini Ideas, + What To Bring!

Spring Break 2015! DIY Cover-Ups, 4 Bikini ideas, + What to Bring!

Alessendra Bruni
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Published on Jul 28, 2015

AH, THE WAIT IS OVA. Here is our EPIC SPRINGBREAK COLLAB VIDEO! In this we'll show you how to turn plain old t-shirts into DIY cover ups (super cool and inexpensive!!) and we'll also show you 4 bikini ideas and what to bring when you go on spring break! H

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  • Pamela Basarein

    i like your style

  • Paulina Wander

    good style

  • Colaro Brought

    i like pink bikini

  • Kathy Rodes

    I like this type of dress in trip

  • Fanny Duckworth

    cutey girl

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