VTrippers | European Travel Skills: Getting Around

European Travel Skills: Getting Around

Fina Esposito
  • Location: Europe
  • Category: Transportation
  • Thematics: Unknown


Published on Aug 04, 2015

Throughout Europe, cities are becoming increasingly better organized. Visitors can easily master excellent transportation options: buses, subways, and taxis. Even if you never use public transportation back home, try it over here. After a few rides, you'l

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  • Yu Jin Kim

    I long to do this some day.

  • Elma Ferrari

    awesome!!! I envy you!!!

  • Farid Cherif

    it felt like I was being constantly slapped in the face HAHA great video

  • Bonni Clawford


  • Mohd. Danish

    one of my favorite places in the world ahhh. seeing this makes me so happy and so inspired

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