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Travel Vlog | Ireland

Judy Portland
  • Location: Europe
  • Category: Vlogger
  • Thematics: Exploring


Published on Aug 15, 2015

a¢ please watch in HD (720p) + small screen a¢ a£ read more a£ a¢ info noted at the end of the video a¢ preparation time | 3 days a¢ inspiration | a beauty called ireland a¢ feedback is appreciated & v

Recent Comments...
  • Joe Blunt

    Nice shot of the neighbor

  • Garry Seabbag

    I have been there, so if you need any tip feel free to contact me.

  • Tomonoki Yamanaka

    I'd love to visit Ireland someday..

  • Matthew Fletcher

    Nice Video

  • Nanay Groove

    I love Irland, it is a great spot for riding horse on the beach.

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