VTrippers | Travel With Me : Montreal | VLOG

Travel With Me : Montreal | VLOG

Judy Portland
  • Location: North America
  • Category: Vlogger
  • Thematics: City / Town / Village


Published on Aug 15, 2015

a¼a¼a¼ EVERYTHING you need to know is HERE a¼a¼a¼ Hi Loves :) So I hope you all enjoy coming along with me during my first trip to Montreal ! if you do please make sure you give this video a THUMBS UP so I k

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  • Marc Beckers

    Awesome trip me and my mates would like to head out that way as well

  • David

    real good.

  • Zachary Walker

    Very entertaining vlog!

  • Lara Clay

    Cute vid, too!

  • Madeline Chen

    She is so pretty!

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