VTrippers | Urban Kayaking! -Behind The Scenes

Urban Kayaking! -Behind The Scenes

Marine Portland
  • Location: North America
  • Category: Fun
  • Thematics: Boating & Nautical


Published on Aug 29, 2015

http://www.TorchPaddles.com Huge thanks to our friends over at Torch Paddles for bringing TeamSuperTramp to British Columbia to make this video! Check them out in the link above! Torch Paddles was co-founded by our very own TeamSuperTramp member Creighton

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  • Sophia Chan

    Nice to see this video as I am going on Sept..

  • Fernand Offry

    most beautiful city in the world

  • Romano Frederiko

    Amazing Video!!! Thank u!!

  • Jessica Erill

    wow, it is sooo beautiful

  • Elma Ferrari

    Your video is so perfect.

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