VTrippers | Bali 2015 | Gopro | Paradise

Bali 2015 | Gopro | Paradise

Meg Valence
  • Location: Asia
  • Category: GoPro
  • Thematics: Island


Published on Sep 14, 2015

Incredible journey to Bali with the gang! 100% shot with gopro hero 4 Silver For more photos and videos follow me on instagram!! @photogeniqe NO COPYRIGHTS ARE MINE! ALL SONGS AND SOUNDS IN THE VIDEO ARE COYRIGHTED TO THE PUBLISHER AND WRITER AND I TAKE N

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  • Yin Zhong

    so creative

  • Kitten Bork

    Probably one of the best videos

  • David Red

    what was the cost for this amazing adventure?! AMAZING VIDEO

  • Rahad Tibul

    Amazing Video! Can't stop watching it :-

  • Sam Kelly

    Cool vacation

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