VTrippers | Extreme Skiing Compilation HD 2014

Extreme skiing compilation HD 2014

Brandon Boone
  • Location: World
  • Category: GoPro
  • Thematics: Skiing & Snowboarding


Published on Oct 02, 2015

I don't own any of these videos. They are independently available on other channels. Videos: After Dark - Level 1 Productions, Logan Imlach skis through tower block and straight out of the window!, 3rd Person View 'Extreme Ski' GoPro edition, Candide Kame

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  • Rene Flagel

    This is my dream but I don't have enough money to do this : (

  • Donna Summer

    Great Video, what camera's did you use?

  • Tommy Craig

    good video!!

  • Clarence Standford

    I love your video! Excellent camera and editwork!

  • Yin Zhong

    Awesome video guys!

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