VTrippers | Paris Travel Vlog Summer 2015

Paris Travel Vlog Summer 2015

Irvin Shreder
  • Location: Europe
  • Category: Vlogger
  • Thematics: City / Town / Village


Published on Jan 04, 2016

I think this is my second Paris blog and as I head to Paris again, I wanted to make sure I uploaded this before my visit! If you want to follow along with my current trip, follow me on snapchat at marianna_hewitt and on instagram http://www.instagram.com/

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  • Katty Worth

    so beautiful

  • Honey-Moons

    I must go there

  • Lorena Rios

    Clean, Peaceful, modern, technology, speed and all things are here

  • Kathy Rodes

    Very perfect

  • Fanny Duckworth


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