VTrippers | Hardstyle YearMix 2011 (VideoMix From Decibel) Defqon

Hardstyle YearMix 2011 (VideoMix from Decibel) Defqon

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  • Category: Party
  • Thematics: Music Trip


Published on Feb 01, 2016

So this is the YearMix 2011. Although this is only like 10% of the mix. So be sure to download the full mix ;-) Defqon1 weekend warriors is coming up! Have fun and njoy the music. Its what we love and cant stop loving. Playlist from this mix... Coone Ft.

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  • Yola Solange

    I like this type of party

  • Ling Tang

    sexy party

  • Angel Garcia

    nice party

  • Bryan Mackley

    Guys nice video . I loved it

  • Erick Badoo

    antastic video and of course the track ! can you tell me what track is called? regards

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