VTrippers | Rubin & Marie - Australia - Road Trip

Rubin & Marie - Australia - Road Trip

Lavenita Orji
  • Location: Oceania
  • Category: Fun
  • Thematics: RoadTrip


Published on Feb 15, 2016

Track " Help me lose my mind " by german producer Mazde After Working for 2 Month on strawberry farms my girlfriend and I bought our van "betty" and drove down down down from cairns and then through the outback. It was only a short per

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  • Hugodevielmond

    Your video it's really nice !

  • Estevanmichelsen

    Thanks for sharing the locations, really cool dude!

  • Alef-schultz

    Great vid really enjoyed, be hoping to do that soon myself next month.

  • Jose Mendez

    This is so inspiring!

  • Randy Clouds

    Wow, this video is epic.

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