VTrippers | Travel Vlog: Seoul, South Korea | HAUSOFCOLOR

Travel Vlog: Seoul, South Korea | HAUSOFCOLOR

  • Location: Asia
  • Category: Vlogger
  • Thematics: City / Town / Village


Published on May 23, 2016

Seoul was sooooo much fun! There were tons of quirky food and lots of shopping, I really had a great time there even though we had to leave early boo! I'm gonna have to make a trip back and explore the surrounding islands (I heard Jeju island was amazing!

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  • #wanderlust

    love you Korea..coming to you soon

  • Groover

    Wow! really appreciate you putting this up. Very nice location, foods etc

  • Artisan 89

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Korea! Visit again!

  • Davey170

    Cool vide! Btw I wanna ask u something about your trip:

  • Spring-Break1

    Waoo really Awesome vlog

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