VTrippers | Hongdae & Preparing For Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving 홍대 쇼핑 & 벌초하러 가기

Hongdae & Preparing for Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving 홍대 쇼핑 & 벌초하러 가기

Bokyung Kim
  • Location: Asia
  • Category: Cultural
  • Thematics: Shopping


Published on Jun 07, 2016

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  • Marcel Friand

    excellent !!! Great ! U inspired me !

  • Nanay Groove

    lovely video as always ^^

  • Jeremy Silver

    I just saw your videos yesterday and I truly amazed with your Vlog

  • Renardo Freitas

    All of those dress look so cute,

  • Crystal Azusa

    simple, neutral colors. Haha, hope you guys enjoy your trip

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