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CANADA | Road Trip to the Rockies ! Au coeur des Rocheuses Canadiennes - Lovers Travelers

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Published on Nov 03, 2016

11 days of Roadtrip from Vancouver to the famous Rockies (Au coeur des Rocheuses Canadiennes) aº FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/loverstravelers a¥¥ ALL THE PLACES ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION a¥¥ Met un pouce bleu si tu aimes cette vidA©o :) et voici tous les lieux pour planifier ton futur roadtrip ! 00:01 On the road from Vancouver to the Rockies 00:04 Icefields Parkway 00:10 Waterfowl Lake 00:14 Wapiti in the Bow Valley (Banff) 00:18 Medicine Lake 00:21 Maligne Lake 00:25 Vermillion Lake 00:27 Bighorns in Icefields Parkway 00:31 Blue River near Field (Yoho National Park) 00:35 Peyto Lake 00:39 Grouse Mountain 00:50 Mooses near Jasper (between Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon) 00:54 Icefields Parkway 00:59 Bow Lake 01:03 Icefields Parkway 01:06 Squirrel in Jasper 01:10 Chipmunk in Valley of Five Lakes (Jasper) 01:12 Emerald Lake 01:17 Sunwapta Falls 01:21 Emerald Lake 01:24 Trail near Jasper 01:26 Grizzly in the Bow Valley (Banff) 01:38 White-tailed deer in Banff 01:41 Black bear along the Icefields Parkway 01:43 White-tailed deer in Jasper 01:47 Athabasca Glacier (Columbia Icefield) 01:51 Louise Lake 01:53 Black bear in the Bow Valley (Banff) 02:03 Coyote between Banff and Canmore 02:07 Johnston Canyon 02:09 Maligne Canyon 02:15 Louise Lake 02:24 Vancouver Island 02:40 Johnston Canyon 02:44 Athabasca Falls 02:49 Athabasca River 02:54 Lynn Canyon 02:59 Racoon in Satnley Park (Vancouver) 03:02 Fox in Johnston Canyon 03:05 Ground-squirrel in the Bow Valley (Banff) 03:07 Chipmunk in the Valley of Five Lakes (Jasper) 03:09 Emerald Lake 03:14 Black bear along the Icefields Parkway 03:17 Icefields parkway 03:25 Grizzlys in Grouse Mountain 03:30 Blue River near Field 03:33 Vermillion Lake 03:37 Mount Robson 03:39 Icefields Parkway 03:43 Waterfowl Lake 03:44 Vancouver 03:48 Icefields Parkway 03:51 Trail in Vermillion Lake (Banff) 03:53 Trail in Jasper 03:55 Blue River near Field 03:57 Johnston Canyon 04:01 Valley of Five Lakes (Jasper) 04:03 Capilano Suspension Bridge 04:06 Athabasca Glacier (Columbia Icefield) 04:11 Athabasca Falls 04:13 Capilano Suspension Bridge Abonne toi sur nos rA©seaux sociaux : Facebook, Instagram et Youtube car un concours arrive :) aº FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/loverstravelers aº YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/c/loverstravelers aº INSTAGRAM : http://instagram.com/loverstravelers Credit Musique : Dirty Paws - Of Monsters And Men

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